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Whatever you manufacture or repair, from golf clubs to automotive components,the superior bonding properties of Loctite Adhesives will improve your overall product quality and production efficiency. You'll see outstanding results including improved strength, fatigue resistance and processability, even on your most difficult bonding and manufacturing problems. Listed below are a few of the successful industrial applications for Loctite Hot Melts.

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Hysol 2000/HP Low-Mid
Hysol 2000/HP Low-Mid
Volume Electric Tool

Carton closing(Quickpac, SuperPac, SprayPac)
Foam fabricating(SuperPac, SprayPac)
Folding, splicing, pleating (740)
Pallet stabilizing (740, SprayPac)

Drawer Bottoms (1X, 1942)
Mitre V-grooving (1X, 7802, 7804)
Corner blocks (1X)
Mirror backs (1X)
Upholstery- Seating (SprayPac)

Potting (7815LV, 7901)
Encapsulating (7802, 7804, 7901)
Wire strain relief (7804, 7804FRM-HV)
Vibration dampening (1942, 7802)

Reflector light (7901)
Interior trim folding (7802, 7804)
Switches (7811, 7815LV)
Accoustical pads (6009)
Other Product Assembly

Toys, dolls, stuffed animals (1942)
Filters (232, 7390)
Foundry sand cores (3X)
Sports equipment pads (1946, 4046)
Why Dexter-Hysol Hot Melts?

Fast Instant bonding
No drying
No cureing
No clamping

Easy Steps
No solvents

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Hysol 2710/2810 Mid
Hysol 2710/2810 Mid
Volume/Electric Tool

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Hysol 3200 Mid Volume Electric ToolHysol 3200 Mid Volume Electric Tool

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Hysol 4000/4010 High Volume Pneumatic/Electric ToolHysol 4000/4010 High Volume Pneumatic/Electric Tool

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Hysol 4210 Spray Tool Bead/Spray/Pneumatic Electric Tool
Hysol 4210 Spray Tool Bead/Spray/Pneumatic Electric Tool