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Araldite® 2000 epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane adhesives are formulated for easy handling and reliable bonding performance in repair, maintenance, and assembly application
The comprehensive family of products includes materials designed for use on aluminum, steel, rigid plastics, engineering thermoplastics, rubber, ceramics, glass, and a variety of substrate combinations. The adhesives feature a range of work lives, from four minutes to two hours, along with high shear strength. Some systems provide outstanding chemical and heat resistance, others offer good flexibility, impact resistance, and/or environmental stability.

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Epoxy Adhesives

• Araldite 2010
Translucent to yellow, 2010 is a toughened, fast cure epoxy ideal for metal bonding

• Araldite 2011

Pale Yellow, Multi-Purpose Resilient epoxy with high shear strength and good resistance to dynamic loading. Features a long work life and cures at room temperature. For bonding metals, ceramics, rubbers, and rigid plastics.

• Araldite 2012
Pale Yellow, Rapid, Multi-Purpose Tough epoxy adhesive with high shear strength and a four-minute work life, cures at room temperature. Forms strong bond on metals, ceramics, and rubbers.

• Araldite 2013
Gray, Metal Bonding Gap-filling epoxy adhesive, with good environmental stability and chemical resistance, cures at room temperature. For use on metals, ceramics, and rubbers.

• Araldite 2014

Gray, Heat/Chemical Resistant Gap-filling, non-sag epoxy adhesive with good shear strength, cures at room temperature. Suitable for use on metals, sheet molding compounds (SMC) and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) parts.

Polyurethane Adhesives

• Araldite 2026
Transparent, Flexible polyurethane adhesive with a 3-4 minute work life. Cures at room temperature. For bonding Thermoplastics, thermoset composites, plastics, metals, and glass.

• Araldite 2027
Beige, Flexible polyurethane adhesive with an 8-10 minute work life. Thixotropic in viscosity for non-sag characteristics. Is great for bonding SMC, Thermoset and thermoplastic materials as well as metals.

• Araldite 2040
Gray, Flexible General-purpose polyurethane adhesive with a 15-minute work life. Cures at room temperature. For bonding plastic, polycarbonate and nylon.

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• Araldite 2015
Neutral color, Thixotropic and non-sagging epoxy adhesive with high shear and peel strength. It is particularly suitable for SMC, GRP, and dissimilar substrate bonding.

• Araldite 2043
Clear, very rapid-cure, multi-purpose epoxy adhesive that gels in 90 seconds. Suitable for bonding metals, ceramics, glass, primed rubber, and most other materials.

Acrylic Adhesives

• Araldite 2021
Yellow, Two Component, Room Temperature Curing Multipurpose, Methacrylate Adhesive System for Rapid Assembly Operations on a wide variety of substrates.

• Araldite 2022
Off White/Yellow, Two Component, Room Temperature Curing Methacrylate Adhesive for Fast Assembly Operations on a Wide Range of Substrates Including those that can be "Difficult to Bond."

• Araldite 2024
Blue, Two Component, Room Temperature curing, Flexible Methacrylate Adhesive Suitable for Rapid Bonding and Repair on Metals, Composites and Thermoplastics Such as ABS, CPVC, and Acrylics.

• Araldite 2041
Pink, High Strength Polyurethane adhesive featuring excellent environmental stability and impact resistance. Gels in 15 minutes and cures at room temperature. Designed for bonding polycarbonate, ABS, FRP, SMC, nylon and Metton* with minimal substrate preparation. Can also be used on primed metals.

• Araldite 2042

Pink, Rapid, High Strength Environmentally stable, impact resistent polyurethane adhesive. Gels in three minutes and cures at room temperature. Suited for joining polycarbonate, ABS, nylon, FRP, SMC and Metton with minimal substrate preparation. Also produces good bond strength on materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion.
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