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3M has long been recognized as a pioneer in industrial adhesives. But to arrive at the right production answers, we can help you. Our engineers here at ISA have many years of experience in solving technical problems in manufacturing, utilizing 3M's wide array of industrial adhesive products and systems. We are authorized distributors of 3M's line of adhesives, but we deal in other lines, too. We'll help you decide which is best for you. Contact us today, for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your needs.

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3M Adhesive Products

Aerosol Products

Go to the job and are always ready when needed. Only a touch of the finger bonds, cleans, lubricates or handles a variety of other jobs. Most of our aerosol adhesives have a controlled spray pattern which minimizes overspray and clean-up. That's convenience and speed...and you achieve both without sacrificing performance. With job-matched formulations, you have an abundance of technology that gets the job done reliably and cost effectively. 3M introduced the first industrial-grade aerosol adhesive over 25 years ago and continues to lead the way with lace spray technology and other product advancements.

3M Polygun TC Applicator

Polygun TC Applicator

Polygun HP Applicator

Polygun HP Applicator

3M Polygun II ApplicatorPolygun II Applicator

3M aerosol spray adhesives • Industrial-quality Aerosol Adhesives
• Aerosol Chemicals for Maintenance and Production
• Shipping-mate Aerosols for packaging


These products do not contain methylene
chloride or chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's

Assorted Hotmelt Sticks  Assorted Hotmelt Sticks

Hot melt bonding systems

These are becoming more important to manufacturers as pressures increase to improve productivity, lower costs, reduce pollution and conserve energy. Hot melt bonding systems from 3M provide effective support in all these areas. Jet-Melt TM Adhesives are 100% solid, solvent free thermoplastic resins that become fluid when heated. In the molten state, they quickly wet out the surface and upon cooling harden to form a strong bond on most surfaces. Most of the bond strength is usually achieved in seconds eliminating the need for clamping or fixturing. Assemblies can be moved immediately so that production can continue. No space or energy is consumed for drying. Each adhesive is engineered for use in one of the portable, lightweight Polygun Applicators.

Scotch Weld
Structural Adhesives
More and more manufacturers are using high strength,loadbearing in preference to mechanical or fusion methods for structural joining and fastening. The reasons are many: greater design latitude, cleaner lines, material substitution, less machining, lighter weight, more durability and often less cost. To meet application and end use requirements, youcan select from one-part heat-curing epoxies, twopart room-temperature curing epoxies and urethanes, and thermoplastic film adhesives. There areformulations for bonding steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper,engineering plastics, rubber, glass, masonry and more

Pronto instant adhesives
These clear, one-part cyanoacrylate adhesives reach handling strength at room temperature in 5-10 seconds without a catalyst. Bonds achieve 80% of full strength in one hour. a single drop per square inch bonds plastics, rubber, metal and more with tensile strength up to 5,000 PSI. Some formulations have resistance to fuels, lubricating oils and other chemicals.

Scotch Grip and
Fastbond Brand Adhesives

In general assembly, these products are used to bond rubber, gasket materials, insulation, decorative trim and many other non-load bearing materials to themselves and metal, wood, plastics and more. In lamination, they bond plastic sheets and films to numerous substrates. And in panel assembly, they bond such "skins" as steel, aluminum and high pressure laminates to a wide variety of materials.
scotch weld structural adhesives
3M pronto instant adhesives
scotch grip by 3M
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