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IPS Structural Adhesives

IPS Corporation offers a complete line of toughened, high strength methacrylate adhesives for a range of high performance applications. IPS Weld-On® Structural Adhesives are used in a wide range of applications such as marine, transportation, building & construction, wind energy, industrial and product assembly. Our structural adhesives have been formulated to bond to a variety of substrates requiring little to no surface preparation.

Bondable materials include:
Fiber reinforced composites
Gel-coated composites
Coated & bare metals

IPS® Corporation is the leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial solvent cements, primers, sealants, plumbing and roofing products, as well as structural and assembly adhesives. We offer contractors, pipe fitters, plumbers, and fabricators a portfolio of proven, reliable, time-saving, professional grade products.
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Assembly Adhesives

IPS® Corporation offers a comprehensive line of assembly adhesives for use in fabrication and product assembly applications. Our products are widely used in manufacturing signs, POP displays, display cases, medical devices, aerospace components and in assembling aquariums, sporting goods, and other finished products.

Formulated to bond to a variety of plastic and non-plastic materials (e.g. ABS, acrylic, concrete, fiberglass, metal, polycarbonate, PVC, styrene, wood), Weld-On® Assembly Adhesives are highly regarded for qualities such as high bonding strength, weather resistance, clear seams and quick set.

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